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According to Muppet Wiki, "Statler and Waldorf share the stage left balcony box in the Muppet Theater, and delight in heckling every aspect of The Muppet Show. One of the Muppet players they heckle the most is Fozzie Bear. The old geezers always have the last word, including final comments at the end of each episode. They first appeared as a pair in the 1975 pilot "The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence." In Season 1 of Muppets Tonight, they watched the show from the living room of a retirement home. In Season 2, they watched from a portable television at various locations, including a golf course. Some of their other roles include the ghosts of Jacob and Robert Marley on The Muppet Christmas Carol, the Kalidah Critics on The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, and even Figureheads of the Hispaniola on Muppet Treasure Island. From June 2005 until September 2006, they starred as themselves in a bi-weekly feature, "From the Balcony", on the website The duo also take on a featured role in The Muppets (2011), where they share the fine print of the Muppet contract with villain Tex Richman, but they don't realize that Tex plans to raze the Muppet Studios and drill for oil, which would mean the end of their balcony - and their heckling. They also travel with the Muppets watching their touring show in Muppets Most Wanted. In one scene they say that Miss Piggy's performance of the Macarena has made the show even worse, managing the impossible."
Statler's Main Performers:
Richard Hunt (1976-1991)
Jerry Nelson (1992-2002)
Steve Whitmire (2002-2016)
Statler's Alternate Performers:
Jerry Nelson (1975, on "The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence")
Duncan Kenworthy (1990, on "The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson")
Bill Barretta (2003, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"; 2014, on Muppets Most Wanted with shot later dubbed over by Whitmire)
Drew Massey (2005-2006)
Artie Esposito (2009)
Dave Goelz (2011, in parts of LittleBigPlanet 2)
Peter Linz (Xfinity commercial, WE Day 2017, The Muppets Take the Bowl promos and concert, Hilarity for Charity and The Muppets Take the O2 promo and concert)

Waldorf's Main Performers:

Jim Henson (1975-1990)
Dave Goelz (1992-present)
Waldorf's Alternate Performers:

Jerry Nelson (1974, on "Muppet Meeting Films" as Mr. Cosgrove)

John Lovelady (1976, on "Des O'Connor Entertains")

Craig Shemin (1990, on "The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson")

Kevin Clash (1996, on Muppets Tonight with Michelle Pfeiffer)

Victor Yerrid (2005-2006)

Steve Whitmire (2011, in parts of LittleBigPlanet 2)





















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